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For Topitop brand is important to protect and safeguard the private and personal information of each of our visitors, so we believe define a privacy policy and confidentiality for our users who for various reasons have entered your personal information in our database data, this information will not be released to third parties, except where otherwise stated the person concerned, as Topitop not reveal any information from its users, please read carefully the following points about our privacy policy, which will provide complete assurance that you are within a site that protects your information and identity.

Security and Data Protection.

The security of your personal information is a priority for Topitop, our site provides complete security, however we are not responsible for the activities of hackers or others that perform actions to damage and / or break the security that each site offers. Taking into account the technical characteristics of transmission over the Internet, no system is 100% secure or free from attacks.

Your Privacy.

Topitop respects the privacy of each of its virtual clients, any information entered by the user via our web site will be treated with the utmost security and will only be used in accordance with the limitations set forth herein.

Obtaining Information.

Topitop obtains personal data supplied directly, voluntarily and knowingly by each user / visitor, the personal information we request is: Name, address, e-mail, and phone identification.

Use of Information.

Topitop use the information that the user / visitor provide:

a) for the specific purpose for which it has provided:

b) To increase our offer to market and advertise products that may be of great interest to the user / visitor, including calls for confirmation of your information;

c) To personalize and improve our products, and

d) To send e-mails to our newsletter, respond to concerns or comments, and keep our users / visitors with news in Topitop.

Note: By providing personal data, automatically authorizing us to use your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.


Topitop not use or disclose to third parties, personal information of its users / visitors and visits data, or the information you provided: name, address, email address, phone number, etc..

Changes to our privacy policy.

Topitop exclusively reserves the right to change, modify, alter, add or remove any part of this privacy policy at any time and without notice.