Our Success Stories

Elizar Malpartida Valentín
I remember, 25 years ago, when I started working with Flores Brothers, at that time we only had 15 sewing machines. I was about 10 years as a machinist and then by my experience and effort that I put into the daily work I was promoted to line supervisor. Today, I have my own clothing shop, I provide services to Topitop and glad to have grown with the company, both personally and professionally.Elizar Malpartida Valentín | Sewing Supervisor
Zunilda Bustamante Sánchez
I have 25 years working in Topitop and I’m very grateful about the chance to educate my nephews and be realized as a good person. I applied to a newspaper announce that i saw, for sewing personnel. I applied and was accepted immediately. At that time, the company was at “Jiron Junin” and had only two very small rooms were always visited by the owners, they looked very simple and were very good and kind to us as it is today. I never imagined that the two rooms would become this great company and I am proud to be part of it.Zunilda Bustamante Sánchez | Needlewoman
Rubén Herrera
I worked for a few months in Huaura as a farmer and then as a security guard in Lima. When I arrived in San Juan de Lurigancho, I applied for a job as hand clothes- maker with Topitop. After six months, encouraged by my friends, I decided to apply for the post of inspector. I got it, and the first few weeks I decided to arrive one hour early to practice because of my lack of experience. My priority now is to prevent rejections in garment production and finish building my house.Rubén Herrera | Inka Knit Quality Auditor
Orlando Macedo
I joined the company in 1987, when the plant was a family clothes making workshop in Mangomarca. I first started in the cutting area working by hand, then after three months I became sewing line supervisor. I remember that everything was very small, but united. I learned a lot, I have my house, my little workshop that my wife handles, and my eldest daughter is studying environmental engineering.Orlando Macedo | General Print Coordinator