Topitop Manufacturing

We utilize a select team of people in our various manufacturing processes, both in Peru and abroad, who share our vision of exceeding each customer’s expectations. We now welcome you to a world of great opportunities.

Topitop unites all the processes that a buyer may require from a manufacturer in a full service package, from production through to shipping the end product to retailers.

At a time when many industries are opting for specialization, Topitop focuses its processes based on “full package” logic, thus making efficiency gains in many areas and adding value to the brands it manages.

This is a key element of the company’s strategy as an innovative process that ensures collective control of the entire chain, allowing us to meet the demands of the most competitive markets in terms of quality, price and delivery.

Our satisfaction of foreign and national customers is such that we are endorsed by reliable, quality big brands such as Gap, Abercrombie, Hugo Boss, and Under Armour, among others. We now manufacture over two million garments for export every month.


Product Development

Product Development

Product development is at the heart of the company: obtaining our customers’ technical specifications and developing fabrics, colors, prints, and embroidery; meeting all customer requirements; and ensuring

reproducibility of the requested items, all by allying our staff’s professionalism with advanced technology.